04 November 2011

6 Months

6months, 5days old
Someone's chubby little thighs is covered in band-aide's :(
Mahie got 3 shots this morning to sadly celebrate her 6months checkup. 
We've had to put her to bed 3 times, since she kept waking up very fussy.

Doctor Schlacter was very surprised at how attentive she was. She followed him all around the room.
Mahie is currently in the top 10 percentile:
17 lbs (2 pound difference)
27 inches long

rolls, scoots, grabs, holds her bottle, eats rice cereal & baby food, kicks hard, laughs loud, baby talks loud and loves feeling your face.

Her TOP fave's:
bathing in the kitchen sink
(relief to mommy's back)

watching sponge bob
typing on anyone's laptop
whenever she sees a laptop, she lunges forward, hands stretched out to the keyboard. she can sit forever just pounding away, and screams when we take it away. She can't be fooled though. James tried sitting her in front of his old laptop, but as soon as she saw him go to the MAC, she started crying, lol. Babies are sooo observant and smart. It's interesting to wonder about the world they will grow up in, surrounded by technology.

no teeth yet, but more than enough drool for everyone :)


  1. Haha "she can't be fooled". Ash, I admire your diligent blogging. I'm about 4 weeks behind and thinking about how much I need to catch up on makes me tired :) Good job!

  2. yes, babies are so dang smart! we cant fool hina for anything!!