08 November 2011

Don't Stress over a Number

James and I have been keeping physically fit off and on. Usually we turn to P90X or a quick jog at the gym or around Laie. However, we've both been slacking BIG TIME. Also, I've realized how weak I still am, 6 months after giving birth. Yes the weight is still coming off slowly, but I feel its more than just weight loss. There are tons of women around me who get stick thin from breastfeeding, but I don't just want to become skinny....but strong, toned. I want my strength back in my arms, abs and legs.
As you can tell, I never have any free time unless it's the weekends or a few minutes in between running around. So Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 dvd is PERFECT for my busy schedule. An intense 24-minute workout mixing cardio, strength and abs.
My EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE is sore. I haven't felt this 'after-workout-pain' since hmmm...Living Legends? Or an intense tahiti burnout for Night Show?
I went to class, then work, then class...then popped in this dvd for week one....shower, then back to work. I had to help with an even tonight and I know I probably looked dumb trying not to bend my legs as I walked. They were so sore. Anyways, like Jillian said on the dvd, "If 400lb people can do this, than you can too". Omg I was dying....but it'll all pay off right?
Look at this interesting picture:
(this is not me)
See what I mean? 
Muscle weighs more than fat
We shouldn't stress over a number
but seek to be fit and healthy


  1. I agree! I actually rarely weigh myself because as long as I feel good I really could care less.

    And be patient with yourself. Most of my friends who have had a baby say that it takes at least one year to feel normal again after having a baby. It's different for everyone though.

  2. oh my gosh in two more weeks i would love to come over and do that with you!. i cant wait to start working out. i hoped on the scale today and only lost 30 pounds arhhhh. i have like 40 more to go, ill do it with you k!!!!! xox

  3. i totally know what u mean. i miss feeling fit and in shape. my goal is to get all toned up again....just havent seemed to find the time. and the numbers just make me feel better!! :) hehe! so not all about that....but it seems to boost my confidence in the end. :)