23 November 2011

Ok, so I totally failed at all that "Im thankful for..." holiday countdown. I really was into it, but time stole my attention away to other things. Other than still being bummed about the Iphone incident, one thing that's a definite thumbsUP, its the night before Thanksgiving, wooohooo! Not really looking forward to waking up early to start cooking, but I'm so glad that James is off tomorrow, we'll be with family & yummy food...and no school or work for a week. And i've already done hw before hand, yeeyah!
So to update our past hustle and bustles, take a look:
 Visiting my Grandpa (Mahie's Great-Grandpa) in Kapolei, who is now confined to a wheelchair :( It's so different seeing him this way, because he's always been up and moving: around Oahu and internationally. His mind is still quick and smart, so I know he's still the same Ol' Grandpa B nonetheless. Except, he kept saying, "Ho thats one cute boy you have Ashlyn".....Grandpa I had a girl remember....."What? But looks like one boy, he's cute that one"......Grandpa, HE's a SHE!........"what? howcome? looks like one boy still".  Apparently a green shirt with glitter words saying, 'My Daddy is my Prince' and girls jeans leggings, proved to my grandpa that he had a great-grand-SON staring back at him. Lol, what a story I can't wait to share with Mahie when she's older.
We celebrated Hill's 21st birthday. Kiana made these cute minion cupcakes. We all ate the twinkies more than the actual cupcake.
Little princess trying to crawl....but still trying.
Little Princess watching Breaking Dawn.
6a.m. Samoan 201 umu. A required activity every semester if you take Samoan. I didn't attend the first two semesters because our teacher's husband passed away and I was almost 9 months preggo the last time. So I was proud that I got my butt out to help & get credit. Isn't it sad that I know more Samoan than Hawaiian and Navajo.
Our little elf enjoys doing "big girl" things....like finally riding on shopping carts, and in her stroller w/out her car seat attached. I keep forgetting that she's still a little wobbly sitting up, so she'll topple over when I cut those aisle corners fast :) Don't you love how my Mom put stockings on her feet. James adores this photo.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, love the 3 Aspy's :)


  1. Awww your baby Santa Helper i so adorable, lol, and I love HIllary's minion cupcakes!!! lol your grandpa is so cute too!!

  2. the best thing about the holidays is definitely time with family!!