01 November 2011


If you live in TVA, like us, you know that by 7:30a.m your car needed to be OUT of the parking lot. Why? Because they're going to be redoing the pavement, or I don't know...it better be something OVER the top awesome with all this inconvenience they're causing. Seriously, sometimes I don't think people at BYUH use their heads. I mean, couldn't they have chosen to kick everyone out of their stalls during the summer when barely anyone is around...OR hello, when it ISN'T rainy season in Hawaii. We've been starting to get the heaviest rain now, and now having to walk far to get in your car, ugh!
Look how eerie it looks with everyone out. They haven't even started construction, but we won't be able to park in our stalls until Saturday. All they've said is to basically find parking somewhere else in TVA. But, all the empty grass areas fill up quickly.....so like the annoyed residents that we are....James and I checked the other lots late at night & which ever was empty at 1am, we've claimed it as ours until Saturday. 

On a happy note, we went to town and James took me shopping since I needed better looking clothes for my internship, lol. No more casual reef slippers. I think companies have really down graded on flats. They up the prices but most flats are just so sore! When I was attending BYU-Provo, I ALWAYS shopped at their bookstore (NOTHING in comparison to BYUH). I would spend hours in there looking at everything, over and over again. I even knew when things would go on sale. I especially fell in love with their shoes section. I think I've own everything they came out with those two years I was in Provo. Their flats were trendy, affordable and comfortable. Oh how I miss my mainland shopping. Anyways, we stopped by Sears (I've haven't bought anything here in FOREVER), saw some really cute flats, mentioned to the cashier that they were the last ones in my size but had a few scratches........and her cool manager gave us 50% off. James & I were like whoa! PLUS they added on some other deal to satisfy us.....and we walked out with a total of $0.74 flats, originally $40! What the heck, and we weren't even giving them a hard time like some demanding customers I've encountered. We were thinking they'd give us only a dollar off or something, but dang what a deal. 
Me and Mahie playing with their mirror while waiting to check out.

So on our way TO Kaneohe, we passed the bend between China Man's hat and Waikane....near that Japanese jewelry shop......and passed through the thickest black smoke ever. The air was filled with something burning. However we assumed people were burning rubbish (Its Hawaii). On our way home though, it was another story. They had closed the road an hour before, and were just opening it up as we approached (thank goodness). It was really slow traffic, but there were police and fire trucks spraying water everywhere. 
I should've emailed this to KHON2 because they were commenting on how they didn't have live coverage, haha. Next time, James and I decided that no matter what, we should call 911 just in case. Hopefully no one was hurt. 
*Time to invest in a cuter umbrella and rain boots  :)


  1. OMG I saw the news about the Coral Shop place! I hope it didn't get burned down, and seriously I haven't SHOPPED IN FOREVER! ANd I probably won't until I quit PCC and start @ Disney or some other better place that actually pays! *sigh* Oh college student life :( ACtually no, I just need to find a boyfriend who has money and is willing to fund my makeup and clothing addiction lol lol.

    I love reading about your little family outings!! Seriously! They make me look forward to a happier "someday-that-will-be-me" realization, and they always make me feel better :)

  2. why is byu so dumb like that sometimes? good luck with your parking dilemma!