24 November 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

How I wish we could sleep til our hearts desire. But no. The mind kicks in, and all the ruckus from outside grows louder and tells you to GET UP! That's how Thanksgiving morning started, well, and thanks to my daughter for also contributing in forcing me awake. *We both fell asleep on the bed, kicking James to the couch......and what do I feel pressed against my lips in the morning? None other than Mahie's toe. LOL, she was trying to wiggle her toe into my mouth, hahaha, I was like What the heck?? and rolled her over into the pillows.

So I cooked about a bajillion cups of rice. We stopped by our Ward lunch, which had 3 full rice pots....soo I put the foil back on my container and hoped no one would touch it, so that I could take it to my parent's later, haha.
Here's Nanea and Mahie....the two rollie pollie's that take over Relief Society with their screaming, burping, farts and laughter. All their "Aunties" love stealing them away. haha, hows their faces.

I was so happy that it was James' day off. I love when he's home. I think I was more excited that he was there than it being Thanksgiving. Of course we had to watch the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade, a tradition started by my Mother. James always shakes his head at how crazy we Americans get with celebrating our holidays. 
After spending time with our ward  members, we attempted to rest while I put the ham in the oven.......but seeing that our house needed tidying....we worked together in going through a lot of old clothes, papers, etc. and got rid of a lot of stuff. 
Something cool I baked:

Easy baked cheese and vegetable twist.
I wish I had a photo of the family dinner table that my Mom lovingly decorated. We all sat around a long table with beautiful decorations....just like those holiday movies, it was fun and an enjoyable moment. Mahie was passed around and even got her hands into Hill's plate of food. It was wonderful listening to my Dad speak about how grateful he was for all of us and how sad it is now that the family house is always empty most days......but that no matter our circumstance or how long/short a visit, we will always be welcomed home :)

Thanksgiving 2011
"I'm stuffed"

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  1. I'm never gonna get tired of saying, "I LOVE your family!!" And I want mines to be just like yours as soon as I have kids :) Or more like I hope to be just as festive as your momma and you are :)