07 November 2011

Mommy the Intern

I sat at work today, thinking non-stop during my projects/assignments, and realized that I need to create a journal documenting my internship experience. I mean I should already be doing it for school credit (but c'mon who actually does it), but I think I should ONLY because of the funny moments I've encountered. I need to stop by the store asap to buy a book or something & get on printing the random [secret] shots I've taken here and there of my experiences. 
FOR instance:
My job has taught me the basics of Excel & Spreadsheet.
No instructor, nobody. Just me starring at a computer screen full of numbers, labels, and cells. For those who think I'm making a big deal, I AM......my education background is Communications and Political Science. Which are areas VERY far from math, statistics and business concepts and "Excel-ness". So for those Communication alumni's, you can see my dilemma.
But as a new intern, you can' t just sit there with a big dumb "?" hanging over you. (Although I wanted to) So after many clicks, highlighting, entering and deleting......I really am proud of my quick-learning cleverness. I actually now really enjoy the computer work that I get. And trust, me do practically everything on Excel. 
 The next thing to accomplish was letters.....I printed out over 500 letters, for three different purposes. I ended up enveloping half before clocking out. But to help with the mail process, I was introduced to this time-saving contraption:
A letter folder-er.....my boss was like, "this will be your bestfriend"...it sure was, I can't imagine how long/annoying it would be to fold all those papers individually. Thank you technology. It goes very fast. At one point I tried to grab the folded letters, but just wasn't quick enough, causing the rest to hit my fingers and shoot out of control all around my cubicle. I was cracking up but hurried to pick them up before someone came.  It's really loud too. I could hear workers from other cubicles thinking ALOUD, wondering what the noise was. Anyways, you 500+ people who receive this letter better read the entire thing before tossing it. :)
And so far, I've never had to worry about an empty stomach. Someone always has food/snacks to offer. I enjoy my internship, but I love rushing home to my Mahie more.
Speaking of that little chubby girl, my Dad took her with him to run errands around Honolulu. They stopped by Isaac's and Kiana's for breakfast. And then visited Hill at HCC  for lunch. A lot of the main roads are closed for APEC, but Hill and Mahie were able to see Obama pass. 
James has been undergoing some training for work. Tomorrow will be his second day, even though it's his day off.....which totally screws up schedules for everyone tomorrow. I'm tired & I don't want to think about the craziness that Tuesday will bring. So for now I'll go enjoy my fluffy pillows and warm bed. I love snuggling warm while the cold breeze blows through the house :)

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