14 July 2011

How do we look?

very late nights, very early mornings
bottles here, diapers there
un-washed, un-kept, un-folded laundry piling....everywhere!

swaddled and sleeping
occasional fussiness and weeping
faith, patience, prayer
soothing and cuddling with sweet tender care
Daddy's tired body wants to lay in bed
Mommy has an ache in her arms, legs & head
Our Little Mahie keeps smiling away
Refusing to be put in her crib to lay
So the two drowsy parents keep taking turns
 The hours tick, the night oil burns
sweet lullabies fill the home 
rocking & swaying
Finally! ...she quiets all on her own

their round little bundle 
 no love can measure
makes these difficult moments
a 'New Parent' pleasure.

Stranger: "I can tell that you are very good parents and love your daughter very much!"
Us: "Really?"
Stranger: "Yes, you are taking really good care of her! I can tell!"
Us: "How?"
Stranger: "Because of how tired you both look. No one else it taking care of your baby but you two. You LOOK like new parents. GOOD new parents".
Us: "haha, thanks!"

1 comment:

  1. That's so cute! And the best thing is that u are no useless mommy! I hope I'm like you and I get out with my baby, and still get my hair did and makeup done :) All without wearing my husbands basketball shorts and clothes lol lol