22 July 2011

a love like me

Look at that hair & those eyes!
Such a cute little baby
Anyone wanna squeeze those chubby cheeks???

If you're wondering why Mahie is opening up Christmas presents in the middle of July, don't be too confused because the baby above is actually a picture of ME (Mahie's Mama) many years ago. 
I was grabbing some juice tonight at my parents, and after I closed the fridge door, this old picture was blinking right back at me. I pulled it off and showed James. Everyone passed the photo around and couldn't believe the strong resemblance Mahie and I shared.

Look at that hair & those eyes :)
I love this little girl so much. Now that I'm back in school & back to work, I miss my little baby and will text or call my sister to see how she's doing. Of course I know she's spoiled at Grandma & Grandpa's house, but I can't wait to hold her. As soon as my last class is over, (well today I actually just stood up and left in the middle of a lecture) I speed over to my parents. Im suppose to be studying but I play and cuddle with her until its time to pick James up from the BBC. So I pack her up and off to Kahuku we go. James gets to play with her for a little bit, then we drop her back off with her Grandparents or Aunty Hillary before heading to work on the days that I get called in. Today her Grandpa had her all to his self & he enjoyed every minute. He even attempted to swaddle her, haha. After our shift's pau, I tell James to HURRY UP so we can go get her.
Another outfit from Grandma <3
Mahie has a wonderful Grandma that has her bathed and fed when we come to pick her up. Which is great since our energy levels are pretty low by the time we get her around 730pm. She's usually sleeping or about to knock out. 

She's out for the night & so are we.
Aloha Friday Everyone

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  1. She's such a cutie Ash! I miss those days when Wes was tiny, and even now when I go to work, I can't wait to come home and see him.