20 July 2011

Farmer's Marker

At the last minute Mahie & I jumped in the back of Grandma & Grandpa's car & tagged along with them to Kaneohe. Every Wednesday my parents visit the Farmer's Marker at Windward Mall to stock up on fresh fruits & vege's. Real good stuff for a cheap price, seriously. Everything's way bigger than in the grocery store for a great deal, so I can see why the Mall is packed on Wednesday's. There are also some yummy baked goods & organic products.
My brother's now live somewhere on a hill in Kalihi, so they drove down and met up with us...well, basically to visit Mahie more than my parents and I. This little girl is a true FIRST Grand-baby SPOILED to the max! Mahie kept being passed between Uncles & stared at their phones as they took a million pictures of her. 
And...while she was occupied with her two kolohe uncles, I was with my Mom bargaining for maui onions, cabbage, papaya, potatoes, the list goes on...without even going over 10 bucks, seriously! One sales guy even gave us a whole bunch of banana's for free cause they needed to pack up. My Mom & I cracked up after thinking, "Hey we're from the country, we drive out from the country to buy fruits/veges in town, from other country ppl"....yah well it was funny for us at that moment!
 Lol, we were walking around the mall afterward with all of our grocery bags loaded with food. Wednesdays at Windward Mall guys, trust me, you won't be disappointed!


  1. I NEED TO GO HERE! Seriously, I've been looking for ways to save money on fresh food, I had NO idea that Wednesdays have Farmers Markets! what time does is end?

  2. I think its like 4pm-8pm, Macy's side...its worth the drive out.