26 July 2011

what a day is :)

Back to School, Back to Work
Our new TYPICAL day so far:
5:45-James wakes & starts to get ready for work, sometimes even exercises
6-6:15-I get up & start to get ready
(Mahie will be awake or asleep)
6:45-We all pack up and leave to Kahuku
7-Drop James off at work
7-7:25-spend time with Mahie at her grandparents
7:30-12noon- Classes

12-Pick Mahie up, clean house, do hw
3:45-Pick James up from work
4-Drop Mahie back off at Grandparents if I'm called in
4:15-7:30 Work
....pick Mahie up & knock out as soon as we can :)
Good thing I only have classes MWF, and that James' schedule is always changing so we have our low-key days where we can just relax. However, we find that on days where we don't need to get up early, WE STILL DO! 
We are currently trying to get EXERCISING back into our daily routines. So far so good. Plus eating right. It's just interesting now that we're starting the school year with a baby. Scheduling and time management has become so important. Once you have a baby, your life will never be the same. And I'm saying that in a good way....because it definitely is. 

When Mahie was a newborn, I worried about so many things like how I held her fragile body, if she was getting enough to eat, constantly checking on her sleeping. I was just one BIG worry wart that I ended up stressing myself AND James out a lot. Looking back, (2months, 3weeks, 5days ago!) I roll my eyes because I'm so comfortable now with my little Mahie. Even when that worry wart starts to reappear, Mahie reassures me with her smile & powerful kicks that she's alright & I'm still on the path to being a good mom. 
James on the other hand, from my observation, had it RIGHT from the beginning when we first peeked in at Mahie at the nursery. (she was rushed to be put on oxygen after she was born) He was the one who gave me strength, and was so so patient, when I felt I was at the lowest part of my life due to some postpartum depression. It was hard coming home empty handed without our baby & I just wanted the whole world to leave me alone. But my husband was at my side the entire time until Mahie was in my arms again, never getting impatient, never telling me to get over my crying, he was just there ;) Nothing ever seems to worry James, that's just how he is. I'll ask him once in a while if anything is bothering him, but no, he's the opposite of me. Heavenly Father knew I needed him that much, for times like these. 
So now we've had Mahie for almost 2 1/2 months & I suck on her chubby cheeks everyday and we tell her how special she is because her Mommy & Daddy love her so much.
She's starting to get her laugh :)
nighty night, sleep tight


  1. I love her little laugh :) I love reading ur blog :) it helps me prepare for what is to come in my future..hopefully lol. so thanks <3

  2. You guys sound like you're doing an awesome job Ash! And Mahie looks so happy all the time!!

  3. I love her laugh!!! Too cute:))