30 July 2011

Polka Baby

Saturday was interesting, fun & of coarse, busy!
All three of us fell asleep early Friday night & then woke up to Mahie crying to be fed. When we got up to feed her, we wondered why all of our neighbors were up still being loud. We thought it was 5 in the morning, when actually it was just past midnight. It was so funny, and we were wide awake. Then around 6am we woke again, James left to work & I was trying to fall back asleep but decided I wanted to have a fun Saturday. I packed Mahie up, and off I pushed our jogging stroller towards the bike path to Kahuku. My Dad joined us and it was very enjoyable. Since it was early in the morning, the path had a cool breeze. We even stopped at times to feed the cattle. Mahie was out cold.
It was nice hanging out with my Dad & talking story with him the entire time. I'm happy for the progress that my body has made since giving birth. I ran the last half and it seemed that my body got a wake up call to get back to running. Until this time I was only going for walks, things changed :) My legs are really achy now though.
 my daughter smiles a lot
Mahie and I then spent the day at my parent's house. The weather was perfect, so my Dad set up a little baby pool shile I put her in another cute swimsuit. My Mom added some warm water to the pool so that Mahie wouldnt scream her head off. 

Mahie enjoyed the pool for about 10min & then wanted OUT!
Aaron kept dunking his head in & tried to blow bubbles.
The sun was really strong, didn't want anyone to get sunburn so back into the house we changed and had long relaxing naps.  Saturday was a full day of activities.

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  1. omg the pic with her smiling in her swimsuit is to die for!! i love all the pool pics too! what a perfect size for a baby!