18 July 2011

Skyping Nana & Papa

Guess who Mahie just finished skyping with?
Her Nana & Papa in Samoa
(Along with funny Aunty Luga)
She wanted to wish her Papa a big 
and let her Nana know she can't wait to hug her in December. 
James and I are definitely counting down the days until Christmas in Samoa. It will be our own little Aspinall reunion with all of James' siblings & their kiddies. It will be even more special now with the two newest baby girl additions (Mahie & Geraldine's bundle expected in October). Plus we haven't seen Luga since she was unable to fly down for Rich & Rose's wedding because of school obligations. Aunty Luga will definitely be in love when she meets Mahie, haha. Thank you technology, our skype convo tonight was the highlight of our day. I LOVE talking with my in-laws & skyping them whenever I see them online or when my Mother-in-law calls my cell randomly during the day :) Christmas count down hurry up!

"Love you Nana, Papa & Aunty Luga. Sorry I was cranky tonight & just wanted to eat and fall right back to sleep..." -Mahie

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  1. OMG YOUR GOING TO SAMOA IN DECEMBER!!! lol and yes I'm sure they do have hoses (go look at your husband's facebook lol)