28 July 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

The title of this blog has nothing to do with this post being alcohol related, just that it's a Thursday, and I'm always reminded of the radio advertising 'Thirsty Thursdays" since I was in high school. haha.

Today was a busy day, again, but I'm sure I'll have a good nights rest.
James worked all day, but came home telling me about how they took the boys on a field trip to learn about the windmills in Kahuku. Haha, although it probably wasn't an amusing experience for the kids, I enjoy hearing all the details about his day. 

I'm grateful for Hillary helping me out today. When we got to the store, I realized I forgot to bring a blanket for Mahie. All I had was my SleepyWrap, so I bundled it up and covered Mahie. Hillary was like wtf? why is this blanket so long. When she realized it was a baby carrier wrap, she wanted to try it out. So in the middle of the baking aisle, I helped her put it on, & then we wrapped Mahie inside.  It was funny because there was a Fireman shopping in our aisle and I think we made him feel uncomfortable.
What a good mommy in training :) The SleepyWrap is suppose to be better/more comfortable than the MobyWrap. I love using it because you don't feel any weight or discomfort at all. Everything evens out so you barely feel like you're holding your baby, if that makes sense. There's no pull on your back, lower back, & Mahie had nothing to complain about. She got cranky only because she's a very niele baby & wants to turn and look everywhere. Keeps your hands free to do other things!
Also, as a wonderful break to my clueless homework, I went on a walk to check the mail & look what was waiting:
A letter from HERMANA MOEAI
I was beyond happy, especially when she said how much she loved the ultrasound & maternity pictures I had sent her. I hate how slow SNAIL mail is. Keisha is serving in Guatemala and I can't wait to hear her chat in Spanish. She is one of my best friends growing up, just down the street from my parent's home. She would give the best birthday presents ever, lol, but she was known to throw the funnest sleepovers too. Oh man, I have so many memories with this girl, and its all hilarious just thinking about them. I miss her a lot, she was suppose to be in my bridal line but left to the MTC 2 months before my wedding. Reading her letter, I can definitely see how her mission has blessed her life and testimony.
Pretty soon Popolani, see you in December.


  1. popolani! awwww! sister moeai. miss that girl. is that her addy? i like write her!

  2. i have a ton of fun fun comments to say, but i'll save them :) Hillary looks so cute with it, I told Darah to buy one of those for her next baby!!! AND KEISHA!!!!!!! She's coming back in December yay!!!