10 July 2011

Arrrr! Arrrr!

Hey Sunday, where have you gone?
At least you left a bright shiny moon outside my window :)

James had to work today, I was so happy to wake up and find bottles pre-made for the baby waiting on kitchen counter. Thanks Love. Great start to a fun day.
Mahie & I got up at 7a.m., we laid in bed and had our own little baby convo going on. She smiles so big when I do this with her...her favorite baby words that she likes to hear is "wa-wa" & "chun-kah". But cuddle time in bed was even more special because she actually laughed for the first time! haha, it caught us BOTH off guard, our eyes got really big and then we smiled at the same time LOL. I tried to tickle a laugh out of her again...but she kicked me in the chest instead. Still working on that attention span :)
I didn't really feel like going to church without James. No I'm not one of those cry-baby wives that have to tag along their husband's sleeves, I don't know, for some reason people in my ward just stare when it's just me and Mahie at sacrament. Wasn't feeling THAT...So, as we got ready for church, my Dad called and invited us over for a big breakfast that my Mom had made. Hill and Isaac came over to pick us up and I decided to just attend my old family ward with them (the one I grew up in). Mahie started to fuss so Hill busted this little medley out & her eyes lit up :)

Arrrr! Arrrr! Arrrrrrrr! A Pirate, A Pirate, A Pirate Says Arrr!
I must say its quite catchy, cause even the adults watched it LOL. Plus the names got me laughing too "Uniqua?" Mahie loved it & all the characters moving around. Hill & I are thinking of doing our own music video, of course with baby wearing a pirate patch too.
Anyways, my Mom is the Primary President in her ward, so baby and I sat in on music time which was more enjoyable than 'relief society time' :) Old ward members got to see her for the first time & play with her hair.
Later, James got off work, the older boys & kiana drove down from honolulu side, friends came over, and we ended the night eating a yummy home cooked meal, guava cake and laughing over stories, stories, stories.

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