12 July 2011

Two FULL days of James

James had a back-to-back day off 
(thanks Bobby)
Nope, we didn't spend it at home on the couch in front of our t.v., I forced James out of the bed & out of Laie we drove. I cherish any free time I get now that he works a lot. I'm so grateful for marrying a loving and hardworking person who constantly tells me not to worry or stress over things because he's there to take care of it all. (Too bad that I still do) But if you've ever met my husband, you can't help but notice the 'awesomeness' that fills him inside. Heavenly Father knew I wanted to be treated like a Queen, cause he paired us up GOOD!

A little throwback '07/08 when we first started dating:

It's funny how I started this post intending to blab about the fun (shopping sprees) our family had these past two days, but all I can think about is James
Life is Wonderful.


  1. way cute! and i remember when you and james started dating! OMG good times yeah sis! lol

  2. So screen my next guy and if he's not like yours then give me the thumbs up to dump him :)