06 July 2011

special moments

James & I were in the middle of our "own" time, where he's already knocked out for the night to get up for work tomorrow & I'm doing whatever on facebook or blogspot, when we hear a little whimpering and fussiness coming from the bedroom.
Mahie is awake when usually she's sleeping the night away
And even though James needs his sleep
and I need to waste time online
our little girl does nothing but smile smile smile when she sees us
mouth wide open for a silent giggle
hands grabbing for mommy
eyes blinking at daddy
legs happily kicking her blanket off

and we hug our little mahie and hug, hug, hug her some more
oh what a joy she is
tonight my little girl has warmed my heart
like my friend Chelly once said, "The best thing about being a mom (as she cuddles with her sleeping son in a photo).....so grateful for the opportunity"
these are the special moments that should never be forgotten
if only life could give us copies to hold onto forever

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  1. *Just hit the 'Like' button.

    She is so cute Ash. I love fatso babies.