31 October 2011


Halloween this year can be described as busy, crammed, overtired, hungry and too much sugar :)
James left to work, Mahie left to Grandpa's house and I left to last minute hw, class and a huge presentation. We had to dress up for my class and since I didn't feel like wearing a bumblebee outfit lol, my last minute idea was "a 50's housewife"....I got ready early, did the whole 50's victory curls, heels and carried a oven mit & spatula.........by the time class came, I wondered how women back then actually wore all that??? Hair ended up in a bun & heels replaced by slippers. 

Other than being irritated since Mahie and I were ready to trick-or-treat at 6pm....BUT had to wait for EVERY one who kept saying to wait for them to get ready so that they'd come with us........we all got a good night's rest afterwards from all the craziness.
 Setting up with Grandpa
I dont have a picture with my oven mit & spatula

Baby Bee & Gypsy Grandma

Halloween 2011
Aaron & Jackies costumes.....cool. These guys stood in the dark as we passed and we fully thought they were yard decorations :)

Here were some of our Halloween Album, although we have pictures galore! Check out Facebook if you have a chance. James and I were just commenting on how fast October came and went. We were also reflecting back on a year ago being newlyweds and just finding out I was expecting. How time flys! Now we have a restless baby rolling around our floor, trying to chew on our slippers. I hope you all enjoyed Halloween. Although we were suppose to be a "Bee Family" Me as Queen Bee and James as a Killer Bee....I'm satisfied that our Baby Bee came through. We know she enjoyed her night because she kept fighting her sleep to stay awake and look at everything and everyone. 
Time to eat Mahie's candy :)


  1. Wow, you DID a lot for Halloween! Time to nap now!

  2. awwww your baby bee is still so adorable! I LOVED Jackie and Aaron's costumes, I even saw them walking on the side of the road, they FO REAL looked like "A Nightmare before Christmas", but super cool looking. haha like I always say, I hope my family is just like yours and dresses up my entire yard for festivities and for Halloween especially!!!

    And oka hott mama housewife! U should've taken ur spatula with u and told kids who come to ur house for candy that if they're naughty you'll spank them! bhahahaha