27 September 2011

6:00 Session

We both didn't have to work tonight so we cleaned our home, cleared out a lot of built up trash, chased the ants away, packed the diaper bag....DUSTED our recommends off and to the temple we went.
We haven't been back together since, hmmm? Ya since when? So sad right? I mean I've been back for friend's endowments or sealings, but with our crazy schedules, it's never been a couple's night until today. We could've stayed home lounging on our couch, but out of nowhere I shouted, "LETS GO TO THE TEMPLE!" And I'm glad we did because, well, we entered at 6pm and didn't exit until 8:30pm. We were asked to be in the "hot seats" tonight, if you know what I mean. Which we've both have never experienced before and which made me kind of nervous. But it went smoothly. We're all there to learn, right? haha. It was weird though, because usually during sessions I feel something. Not that I NEED to in order to leave the temple satisfied, but it was just different. Later, although we had plans that needed to be taken cared of, I followed the promptings to stay a little longer and do sealings....and THATS where all those wonderful feelings were waiting for me, for James & I. Listening to the names of all those sweet little children waiting to become eternal families. 
That's why we were needed in the temple tonight :)

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  1. we've never been in the "hot seat" before. lol. but maybe thats because we ALWAYS do sealings. lol. u were so meant to go that night! :)