20 September 2011

our navajo doll

During our break before fall semester, our friend & ward member LeeYen fell in love with Mahie's baby blessing outfit and wanted to snap some shots. We're so grateful she came and offered her talents because we had no photo's done of Mahie to capture this precious stage. Thank you LeeYen, we love all of them and will forever treasure these memories. Mahie's Grandma is already demanding printed & framed copies :)
Here are some shots to smile at.
Doesn't Mahie look like a little doll?

mahalo to loblee photography


  1. Ashlyn, These pictures are PRECIOUS! My favorite one is of Mahie sucking her fat little finger.... no wait.... I think it's the one of her chubby little legs.... wait.... It's the one of her smiling up at you with your pretty Navajo earrings..... never mind, they are ALL my favorite! Richard and I better hurry up and make one of our own so that Mahie will have a little playmate cousin. :) Love you guys. <3

    PS: Kiss Mahie's adorable, yummy, rolly polly sausage thighs for me!!!

  2. I looove this outfit! She looks sooo sweet and precious!

  3. oh my goodness she is too cute and I love her Navajo outfit... she is all ready to be in the closer of L.L show.. she is beautiful!

  4. OMG SHES ADORABLE!!!! She totally looks like a little navajo doll! I love all of the gorgeous shots of her little chubby legs and her face :) Good genes Hawaiian/Navajo momma and Samoan dad :)