24 September 2011

Feliz Cumpleaños

Weekend time for some birthday fun in the sun
Mahie and I attended Kaily's outdoor bbq & water birthday party. It was EXTREMELY HOT, but there were outside canopies for everyone to lounge around under. The breeze was wonderful. The food was even better, yummy, yummy!
Plus you can't beat an ice cream cake
hanging out with Darlie and Baby Craig...who should be the face for Baby Gap, seriously, what a little charmer. I use to Visit Teach Darlie. Her family was sealed this past month :)
The breeze made Mahie knock out :)
Happy 1st Birthday Princess Kaily & mahalo to our ward members the Ledesma's
By the time Mahie woke up, we were already at her Grandparent's house, since the party was just up the road next to the Temple. 
Here's our little cutie (still in her swimsuit) having a blast on her Grandpa's tummy :)
time to cuddle with my little rollie-pollie
good night blogging world

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