13 September 2011

Painful Wisdom & Baby Cereal

So...we discovered what could have caused the fever & headaches...
tender gums right above my lower right 
omg, can my body give me a break from pain...its been non-stop since I gave birth with at least SOMETHING coming along causing me discomfort. 

Anyways....I decided to introduce baby rice cereal to Mahie
she LOVED it
Although as you can see by the pictures, she's quite a messy eater. Her mouth and tongue are still trying to work together with swallowing, haha. As soon as she saw the spoon approaching for the first time, she started kicking and out of nowhere grabbed the spoon, leaning forward with a wide open mouth. She definitely knew what she was doing, lol. After a while she began to get frustrated with me having to take the spoon away to scoop up more cereal from the bowl. She would scream thinking I was done feeding her. She ate a whole serving & was still hungry for a bottle. 
I was so proud of her...but now that it's the end of the day, we've realized she hasn't "poo"-ed for a while....oh no, I forgot what introducing solids mean...potential CONSTIPATION. So for now, we're thinking of holding off a little longer on the baby rice cereal & banana's we've bought for her.

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow, begins another round of BACK-TO-SCHOOL crazy scheduling:
M-Sun drop james off at work
drop baby off with my dad
M-TH 7:30am Samoan 201
watch Mahie, do hw, errands
M,W,F 1:20-2:20 Comm 280
T, TH Anthro 322
M-Sat Pick up James from 1st job & we head to his 2nd job where we both work

What a JOY to know that at the end of this crazy semester is CHRISTMAS in SAMOA. Which reminds me, I have to start working on Mahie's passport asap. Oh & I got my 1st Term Grades back. I can't believe I got an A- in Physical Science, I thought I was failing it. Yay!
Its a little pass 9:30pm and this Momma is pooped out

Family Prayer
Temple whenever James gets a day off
Take more advantage of our Ensign subscription
ZERO shopping sprees until Black Friday :)
Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching
Limit internet usage on laptop & iphones
cleaner home
spend more time with Mahie outdoors
get hw & studying BEFORE Sundays
Go to Sleep Early
*Look Forward to General Conference


  1. Wow, I thought my schedule was crazy... nope! I'm just grateful i don't have school added with all my goodness. Thank you for showing me that my world could be a lot worst.

    I'm so jealous you guys are going to Samoa for christmas....one day, hopefully.

    I need to have goals like that. Mine only get me through the day!

  2. lol, that's me too thinking i have the entire world bearing down on me...and then seeing my tva neighbors reminds me to GET OVER IT, as they do everything on my list plus 2-3 more kids...you go Renny! If we ever move to Utah, I will babysit for you :)