18 September 2011

We Did It

After a great sunday school lesson
and a loving visit by our home teachers
we made the effort, yes a HUGE effort
to turn everything off (except the lights, of course)
and have scripture reading, followed by family prayer

maybe not a HUGE deal for others (good on you obedient families), but for us, it was a huge step that we've been putting off for quite a while, what with our crazy schedules & tired bodies.
and we plan to continue these two goals tomorrow morning & then on & on
hopefully soon our HUGE effort will become EFFORTLESS

{a family that prays together, stays together}

1 comment:

  1. I give you big PROPS for scripture reading and family prayer! That's something I should've done in our home :( And I always start the BOM over and over because once I'm in Alma or Mosiah I usually get lost in all of the wars, people, etc.,. etc.,. etc.,.