30 September 2011


Guess how I started off Friday morning?
I'm waiting behind two/three other cars at a red light, just past Dole Plantation heading to Wahiawa (at the fork in the road)...you know, enjoying the 7:45a.m. sunshine, listening to Lina Girl & Auggie on KCCN FM 100.....glanced at the rearview mirror and saw a car coming around the bend, still waiting for the light, glanced back again and saw the car getting nearer, listening to more music...looked back one more time and saw the lady driver mouthing words while trying to slam on her breaks..........AND THATS WHEN I REALIZED WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.....and then kaboom, seriously!
I don't know how the lady rear ended me because she had a lot of time to break, maybe she was on her phone texting or something. Anyways, her crash pushed me into the opposite lane of the on coming traffic, which after a half-second registration that she HIT me...I realized OMG I'm in the other lane, so I quickly drove off the road, good thing no cars were passing. 
Ok, so I've never been in a car accident or even had a speeding ticket before....so I was YES, clueless at first. After I composed myself (my fingers were still shaking) I tried calling James & my Dad non-stop a million times. Of all times, they didn't pick up. I left a few voicemails which totally didn't sound like myself, explaining another car had hit me from behind. Well the other lady crossed over & I was the one who asked if she was ok. (eh) I knew she was mad at herself & I explained that I've never been in a car accident at first. Which I shouldve kept to myself. So she said that we should just exchange car information & that she'd call Geico. (Sneaky lady)  BUT, that's when my Dad called back & told me to make a police report & not to listen to the lady.
I hesitated at first before dialing 9-1-1, I mean c'mon. From Kindergarten you learn that it's like the most FORBIDDEN number to dial, unless its an emergency. (OH YA, THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, lol) And let me tell you, those dispatcher's are sooooo NOT like the ones you hear on the movies or on cops. Well, I guess ONLY IN HAWAII can you have a "pidgin" speaking operator. Lol, I was like for real??? Anyways they sent over a police officer.....which when I got back out of the car & told the lady they were on their way, she was like, "ohh? you called the police? ohh, ok".....and the police man was the nicest officer I've ever met. I was able to calm down & he wrote out the report. He even let me know that I may not feel pain now but probably in the morning (hope not), and he stopped traffic (yes everyone was looking, so embarrassing) so that I could get back on the road. 
Thank goodness James & I had family prayer that morning before heading to my dentist appointment alone in Wahiawa. Also, I was about to take Mahie with me but decided that it was going to be a quick THERE & BACK again (Yah Right)....I'm so grateful I left her at my Parent's. As we waited, I took a couple silent pictures to show James later. A second police officer even showed up, weird. The crazy thing is, this is all that happened to our car:
 Just paint scratches, our safety sticker got ruined and a little semi-circle piece missing at the very bottom. I wasn't able to get a shot of the lady's subaru....but dang, her car got it bad. Her front left got smashed in, light ruined, bumper damaged......well, it was her fault.
Anyways, I got to my dentist appointment late, they were surprised I still showed up after I told them.
My fingers were still a little shaky at the dentist. They left me for a long while so I decided to document my surroundings:
Look, my wisdom tooth needs to be removed! Lol and old fillings :)
I made a stop at Walmart to use up the last of my 9/30 Huggies coupons. But I ran into two little indians, hahaha (It's fuzzy because the Walmart lady "doesn't like technology")
Eva (in the middle) and I met at BYU-Provo when we both danced in the Native American section of Living Legends. She is the Head Lady for the Hawaii Pow Wow that will be held tomorrow and Sunday in Honolulu.
And then I had lunch at Kahuku Grill on my way home with none other than JESSIE COOK
She is another one onf my best & crazy friends I met at Provo. So, so much fun memories. She seriously taught me how to make the most of and enjoy college life. And introduced me to "Dance Parties", lol. Our favorite place to eat was Arby's, haha. (Or like James says, "Ahhhh-Bee's) I learned how to survive living on the mainland from her, especially during winter. Can you believe she's half Hawaiian???? She returned from serving in the Philippines a year ago, visited me when I was only a few months pregnant...graduated from BYU-Provo....and got engaged! And now she and her Mom (because of Airline hook-ups) have been in Hawaii on vacation & to collect things for her wedding in December. It was so nice catching up with her the entire day:
We drove around, hung out at my Parent's house, walked around PCC
Tattooed Mahie, which her Grandma disapproved of
And today was EXTREMELY HOT, so we played in the sprinklers at the Hawaii village
Love My Jessie Girl <3
We've just ended work, but...the Haunted Lagoon made its grand opening today. Here's a shot I got of my co-workers on my way out :)

Pirates, Arrghhhhh!!!!
Good Night Mr. Friday, I'm pooped :)
don't forget to say your prayers


  1. OMG! You know whats crazy?! I've rear-ended two cars, got 3 speeding tickets, and multiple parking tickets :( boooo! lol and I can't believe u still went to the dentist too, lol, I would've gone home.....or shopping to relieve my worries lol lol. I'm glad your ok too!!!!