22 September 2011

Moped Trouble?

My little brother, the "Future RM" has found his niche
niche (n.) A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities, or nature

At 19, he's got his own little business running
With what you may ask?
Well, you may have seen a couple of these hanging around TVA & Laie:
He came over to my house a while back for help with getting them printed & up around TVA. My Mom and I thought it was so cute when we read, "Reasonable Rates". 
Aaron attended Honolulu Community College this past year, and while he was there, he got a job at a motorcycle shop right next to the Iwilei Costco (by Kmart), where he learned all about bike repairs & so forth. I think he originally was hired to just clean, but in the end he was given the opportunity to discover, learn and develop a new talent. He was even the youngest employee they had there, helping out with those very impressive bikes. He showed me around the shop when I was about 8months pregnant, it was pretty cool. When he later (& sadly) decided to quit, to prepare for his mission & to find a job nearer home....he brought all that hands-on learning back to Laie. 
He then was hired by those guys at Turtle Bay who operate their own moped rental business, to help with maintenance...which he later realized he could do on his own.

At first we all thought he had a cool little hobby that he was good at...but...this guy has been making some serious bucks with quite a busy flow of "customers" :)
Making way more than his turtle bay job!!

Here's his work area
(My Parent's front yard)
He didn't know I was taking these
I was asking him what he was doing, the names and uses of several tools, whose moped he had, how much money he made so far (lol). That day he had finished 2 or 3 mopeds & was spending the rest of his day working on an old moped someone had as yard junk, but had given to him. He's rebuilt and fixed two broken mopeds so far & resold them for $700ea. Yup, he's ballin'! 
He's found a great business because his main customers are TVA & college students, whose only source of transportation are mopeds. One TVA couple was VERY grateful for Aaron's services. (He'll even come pick up your moped) Which, let me tell you, are exactly what his flyer says, "REASONABLE"...I've told him several times to CHARGE MORE, lol. Yes, I'm a money monster, lol. But my sweet brother always declines. I know he enjoys what he does because he loves it, not for the money. And we all know that he MUST love working on his mopeds because he hasn't gone surfing for a while, which he's never missed a day of surfing until now. 
Save up for that mission boy!

So...if you ever need some moped maintenance or looking to buy one with exceptionally REASONABLE RATES, haha, call the number on the above flyer.

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  1. haha THATs what the tent in your parent's yard was for! I was gonna text you and ask if you were having a yard sale or something!Geez, all these young men all starting businesses (but at least Aaron's is legit lol)