07 September 2011

Break so far

the break before Fall semester begins has been so relaxing...I never want it to end. It was weird at first transitioning from nonstop homework and due dates, to 24/7 freedom. I even woke up from a nap a day after the term ended, freaking out about missing an online quiz! Then James had to remind me that school was done, HELLO!

It's also been a joy being home the entire day with Mahie. So far I haven't been called in to work, meaning I can take my time doing anything I want throughout the day. James has been a wonderful help by having all the bottles washed & prepped to feed Mahie. (Since I am NOT a morning person) He'll even stop by for a quick hello & kiss on his breaks.

Every day has allowed me to learn more and more about my daughter. Hunger cries, tired cries. She can push her upper body up during tummy time. She gets frustrated when she can't munch on her feet. Her hand coordination is improving with grasping things she wants. For instance she loves to grab her pacifier & toss it out of the stroller. And she's beginning to roll over.

Went on a walk with uncle Aaron, we stopped by that taco truck. Pretty soon his mission call will be at my parent's door step!

Baked some yummy chocolate chip cookies & made a quick dinner: cream of mushroom w/hamburger and corn.
Evening walk to the Temple and around Laie
Can jogging be paying off??? hmm, SLOWLY but SURELY!

(not really, but a full day of hanging out with James which we hardly get to do)
btw, Mahie is 4 months & wearing a 6 months dress LOL

Cleaned and organized the house
Baked some more cookies
Played with Mahie, encouraged her to do more tummy time.
Uncle Aaron came over & we helped him hang flyers around TVA
Got to skype with Nana in Samoa
And Mommy's NEW Urban Decay Anniversary palette came in!

And....(Wednesday) today???
Early this morning Mahie had her 1st Photo shoot!
With our ward member Leeyen of Loblee Photography!
That was a fun experience for Mahie, even though I know she was confused & started to get hot....for Me since I got to catch up with Leeyen & all of our funny mothering experiences so far....so proud of my baby girl, even when she drooled all over me.

I guess you gotta keep it real in front of the camera!


  1. oooOOOOO URBAN DECAY! More importantly you are one HOTT MAMA! And yes the jogging certainly is paying off, although your already skinny with your skinny arms and legs, eeeeeehhh to you and Chelly! I LOVE reading about Mahie and how much she's growing, it makes me excited to go through all of this (although I'm scared of getting pregnant).