12 September 2011

Feverish Monday

Today was a blur.
I had many things planned for today, an entire checklist I hoped to accomplish before Fall Semester starts Wednesday...and for me, a 7:30a.m. class (blah!)
James gave us our morning kisses & left to work
I fed Mahie...but after an hour of just lying on my bed, I realized she wasn't falling back into her usual morning slumber because of a runny/stuffy nose.
Oh Boy.
I could tell she was tired and wanted to be soothed by her pacifier, but she kept spitting it out in order to breath. I spent the entire morning sucking her little nose holes, Mahie screamed & kicked...then as it started to show that she was getting better, I started feeling VERY tired.
Tiredness turned into a headache & nauseousness.
Out of nowhere I threw up my morning snack, and started to get the chills. Which then erupted into body aches and a fever? I was so confused, lol, where did this fever come from?
Poor Mahie wasn't getting enough attention from me the entire day. All I did was feed & change her when she needed to be, then I'd place her in her crib while I curled up under all the blankets in my bed, counting down the hours, minutes & seconds until James got off of work. 
Today definitely sucked. 
James was able to call-in to his second job to take care of me, play with Mahie, clean the house, do the laundry & cook dinner. 
My fever wasn't even a bad case, just annoying chills & aches that left me too weak to do or eat anything. 
Luckily we found some medicine & James gave me a blessing, covered me in the thinnest sheet (which i hated), and after a ton of tossing & turning, I guess I knocked out shivering like crazy.
Finally around 8pm, I woke up in a sweat and knew it was gone. 
Soooo weird.


  1. hahaha sometimes you need to sweat it out I guess. Good on you mama!!

  2. that happened to me too, but with all that came cramps. i felt like i was in labor again!! it sucked. hope you get better soon. it's not fun when you're sick.