14 September 2011

Cool Yo' Faucet

 Quick Story:

During my break at work today...
(this is ashlyn btw...duh)
I was washing my hands in the restroom, grabbed a paper towel, dried my hands on my way to the trash can outside, noticed the custodian girl giving me a weird look, ignored it, then continued to toss the crumpled ball into the trash. I went back into the restroom to fix my hair but saw the custodian girl sweeping the floor near the sink I had just left, so I took the first one nearest the door. As I got to my new sink, I looked up & saw the custodian girl glaring at me again in the mirror. 
Me (thinking to myself): umm...is she staring at me?
I continue to take down my hair, run my fingers through...STILL feeling a pair of eyes on my back
Me (again WTF-ing to myself): what the hell is her problem?
followed by GIVING her a "what-the-hell-is-your-problem" kind of look, hoping it would get rid of her
And it SURE did...
AFTER she gave me a final death stare & slammed down the faucet to turn the water off
Me: ...................OH, THATS why...
  1-I kept hearing the water run
2-the custodian girl kept giving me dirty looks & glares
Hello, this whole time I thought the faucet was an automatic, well a broken automatic faucet that wasn't turning off by ITSELF. I really didn't realize I was the one who flipped it on. I'm so used to hand & "butt" sensors in every public restroom...which in ALL the OTHER PCC restrooms they're automatic, eh...
bahahaha, so shame. the custodian girl probably thought i was a total SNOB, "what can't turn off your own faucet & waste all the water"...guarantee she thought that and more!

So that was my embarrassing story of the day. Which was a big (embarrassing) laugh that I needed after my 1st day of school. I'm exhausted & still have to do my Samoan hw. It's James day off tomorrow, so he's waiting to stay up as long as possible to help me get this stuff. I still can't believe I've made it to the 3rd semester of Samoan...it's my only class I fear this Fall, aaaaahhh....

btw james & i took a cute little ride by ourselves to get pizza tonight.
it's that yummy California one from Domino's, with like chicken, tomato, some kind of white cheese
we stayed in our car, ate a few slices, plugged in James' iphone, watched some rugby highlights of yesterday's Samoa game, laughed at some stand-up comedy by jamie fox, chugged some coke & raced back to pick up our daughter...who welcomed us with a LOADED diaper
i love my little trio
goodnight from the faucet girl


  1. bahahaha, I would do the same thing too if I was having to clean up the bathroom. Oh well:-)

  2. Oh man, I'd like a pizza too. :P There are a lot of reasons behind a faucet that won't turn off. You may even need to identify the type of faucet that you have to get replacement parts. From your story, there might be something wrong with the handle. It might be spinning but the stem underneath is not moving.

    Earlene Mroz