11 September 2011


I'm sorry to say that we didn't do anything to honor 9/11.
We didn't wave flags on the side of the road like some, nor did we watch a million documentaries/re-caps of the attacks....or give a moment of silence?
However, we did spend "Family Day" together, and I guess by being thankful for having those that mean the most to us WITH US every day...spending time together, showing our love, making the most of our time...is an expression of how much we respect the love & struggles of a family...and for families everywhere.
And this weekend has definitely been a celebration of FAMILY love.

Yesterday (Saturday), we were invited to attend Javhan Smith's 1st Birthday Party. The theme was a "Safari Pool Party". Tons of water sprinklers, different sized pools, blowups, and water slides...scattered the lawn of the party.
My Mom & Hill came along with Mahie and I. I was surprised that Mahie REALLY enjoyed the cold pool water. Usually I fill her own little pool up & let the sun warm it up or Grandma spoils her with some warm water from inside the house....but not this time, as soon as she touched the surface, her legs went crazy, kicking water everywhere. Her arms splashed it all over her face, which would shock her & then make her smile.
Here's Mahie with the rascal birthday boy. You would never tell this boy is ONLY one, he was all over the place & even wrestling with the older kids. Lol, I was pretty overprotective of my baby & made sure she held her distance from the rough UN-supervised kids.
Here's another shot of the birthday boy trying to impress Mahie, haha jk.
I'm proud to say that I experienced my first "scolding". Well thinking about, I'm not really proud you could say since I'm still a little irritated, even though it wasn't something huge. Here it is:
So after I took the above shot, all the little kids vanished to other pools & activities. So we placed Mahie on the slide by herself for a quick photo. Then out of nowhere some little bratty kid, who is that boy in the background on Hill's shoulder, comes charging the slide (which freaks me out), and yells to the back of BABY Mahie's head, "Hey MOVE! GET OUT OF THE WAY"...and I swear was about to PUSH her, if Hill didn't wedge herself in between them...and YES YOU GUESSED IT...I SNAPPED at him, gave him a dirty "i don't give a rats how old you are/who's kid you are" look & we walked off with Mahie. So I was officially done with the water after that & we just hung out under the tent eating, laughing, talking with other friends.
Ugh, I'm getting irritated all over again....but, I know there will be many more encounters with bratty bullies....they BETTER WATCH IT!
 (lol & Mahie you better not be the bully either, or else, haha)

Animal Print Goodie Bag Surprises

I seriously LOVE my friend Chelly.
I met her through my SIL Crystal & she's known James and his siblings for a while, then I got engaged & sat next to her pregnant self in a Poli Sci Class and we just naturally clicked. We even got to be hotel roomies when we were selected to attend a school sponsored week long trip to Washington D.C. She hosted games at my Bridal Shower, did my hair for my Wedding & then I moved in across from her apartment in TVA. Shopping, Gossip, Babies...we hit it off & I have enjoyed every memory we've made & future ones to come. She is definitely one of my greatest examples of a WONDERFUL MOTHER. (oh, & my parents love her too)

For Today (Sunday), James has finally reached the last stages of his eye infection. He stayed home from work the other day, since it was giving him headaches. He rested, we played with our baby & went for a long drive to destination: "wherever".
love, the aspinalls


  1. bahahaha u mean girl! haha jk, I would've done the same thing, and I would NOT have let my own kid push other kids out of the way! Otherwise, I would've told off his parents :)