17 September 2011

Nook & Cranny

Our home can breathe once again.
After a week of Fall transitioning with schedule changes, the weekend was more than welcomed. Especially since our little hale/fale/hogan has been neglected. SERIOUS neglect. It would be embarrassing to describe or for a picture to be posted, but hopefully things will stay somewhat tidy from now on. 
Today was everything WE ALL look for in a weekend.
Mahie and I took our time getting out of bed, lounging around the house and taking naps whenever we wanted.
We cuddled in our bed. Rolled around in the pillows and blankets. Sent 'i love you' text messages to James. Ate a million cookies. Became even more obsessed with Pinterest. Went for a walk to look at trees. Enjoyed a visit from Grandma.
We CLEANED, high & low, every nook and cranny.
We ORGANIZED every book, paper, dish & clothing
I included Mahie in my morning scripture reading, it was nice to have a "free" day with her.
  We were blessed to have a day FULL of TIME. 
Time to enjoy each other's company and to turn our house back into our HOME. 
Exactly what James needed to come back to after a long day in the sun.

Our good friend LeeYen took the picture below. 
I love my little Mahiehie....we named her perfectly. Her personality, her demeanor is exactly what her name means. 
How wonderful it feels to know that you are loved by your child. To come home from work and see your little one light up, kick excitingly, wanting to be held...because they recognize your face and that's all they've been waiting for...is you.
"What I love most about my home, is who I share it with."

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  1. i love free days, i do the same things. i hate going school and leaving shayde. and omg, isn't pinterest addicting? i just started following you on that.