11 February 2012

Birthday Balloons frm the Valentine's Intern

This is me, after rushing to drop off my Nursery projects at President's apartment, Mahie at my Parent's, my husband at work...and then sprinting back to my house and slamming face first into my LOCKED FRONT DOOR. thank you james for letting my stress explode! no key, no husband, just an out of breath pissed off wife walking back to the housing office to ask for a spare. i guess i needed that KA-TOOSH because the entire day i was trying to do one thing after another. 

I jumped out of bed, thought it would be sweet to surprise Crystal (James' sister-in-law) with some Happy Birthday Balloons & doughnuts. I get back and see the birthday girl wondering around the TVA parking lot, and was confused (there went the surprise)....anyways it was White Glove Saturday, and for some reason our RA showed up SUPER early, like 8am early when she usually pops in around 10am. Everyone was scrambling to make our house look presentable, she later returned and we passed! Without even bringing the comet out to scrub!

Next on the list: the Copy Center in the library. I had signs to make for our Nursery door, they look awesome by the way...and another Nursery Leader even wanted to borrow them, NOPE GET YOUR OWN!

And then now back to the round of drop-offs and 20 minutes to figure out my bad hair day and oily complexion. It was PCC's Valentine's Day dinner & concert special, and I was assigned to host the two groups performing that night: Natalie Ai Kamauu and her VERY talented 'Ohana....and Kapena. 
I got a lot of compliments on my dress....thank you to my Mother-in-Law who got me TWO while in Samoa for Christmas break. It's one of a kind & custom made, SORRY Ladies! My Mother-in-Law got taste!!
It was awesome listening to the Kamauu's warm up and basically have their own family jam sesh in the green room. The one thing I noticed was the immense love and closeness Natalie and her husband shared. They'd sing and laugh, you could just tell how much they were in love by the way they looked at eachother. Ok, so maybe it made me want to be home with my husband, but they really filled the room with their wonderful spirit and talent. 

I sat their in the green room listening to her sing a favorite mele of mine, "Ke Aloha", and felt so proud to be Hawaiian and also LDS. I've always loved Hawaiian music, thanks to my Dad. I also saw that it was sweet that her daughter started to practice her hula number, that her parents had just told her she was going to do, haha. Been there girl! Also, how wonderful to know that we have very talented LDS members in our Hawaiian Community. Natalie shared with me that one of the reasons why they had been running late, was because she was preparing her primary lesson for the next morning about the fall of Adam and Eve. She's not only gorgeous and sweet, but hilarious and REAL. I felt like I was talking story with one of my bubbly Auntie's and not even working at all. Her kids were also funny, and kept calling her Rihanna since she recently dyed her hair a shade of red. Lol, she was soo excited to see the promotional banner with her face on it and even more excited when PCC let her have it.
I also was able to meet Kapena, crazy when you match the voice to the face and personality. Tonu, the other intern was so happy to get a picture with him. I had to leave shortly after escorting Natalie and her husband to the stage, thanked them for this opportunity to meet them first hand, complimented Natalie's heels and accessories (glammed out! even her nails had jewels) said my aloha...and off to my baby & hubby I ran so that we could drive out to town.
The return to CHEESE CAKE FACTORY for Crystal's Birthday! Love my sister-in-law she's been so much fun these past few weeks! Especially tag-teaming to punk James into driving us EVERYWHERE. If you think I was a shopaholic, think again, Crystal beats me any day, and she got style! We love you Criss!!!

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