04 February 2012

Pooh Party

After a looooong sleep in for all the girl's in the house, we got ready just in time to attend Malachi's 1st Birthday Party. Falon did such a good job decorating EVERYTHING with a Winnie the Pooh theme.
The food was soo good too. People were making plates to take home and still there was a lot leftover. It's funny how most of the people I attend class with, friends I catch up with (like at the birthday)...are either Samoan or connected to Samoa in some way, lol. What happened to my Hawaiians? I need to get back in touch with some Wahine's and Kane's soon. I've even had a few older Samoan women ask me if I'm Samoan-Chinese (Oh no, no). However, I am proud that I'm able to understand certain phrases/words in a Samoan conversation...not that I'm eaves dropping, just practicing :) Anyways, cute party. I think Mahie really wanted to get into those inflatable jumpers.

After a long nap, guess who was calling me out of slumber land??? MR. BIKE PATH (lol, sounds kinda creepy) I only stopped twice! That's a huge improvement for me. Slowly I'm relearning a constant pace that I (and my lungs) feel comfortable with. I left at 6pm and got back to my parent's house to walk Mahie home in her stroller by 6:45pm, a HUGE time difference than the last time I ran the path for my jogging class. I've also noticed that listening to music really helps me to not stop. It takes my mind off of ME DYING, lol........i hate running when i just start to head out, but then i get so happy once i finish and am glad i got over my laziness. The only time I'm ever proud of being sweaty. My favorite part of a run: the home stretch...you're dying the most, but your pace increases because your finish line is RIGHT THERE!

....and then you get home feeling all healthy and a little closer to a Victoria's Secret body.....and your husband says he wants to order Papa Ole's for dinner.....and you say, OK!!! lol, another date with Mr. Bike Path!

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  1. LOL good for you on workin the bike path :) i wish there was a bikepath here in honolulu lol i hate running in the middle of town but i guess that will have to do... 45 minutes is a great accomplishment, too! congrats! and LOL@ feeling healthy and victory secret body until... papa'oles for dinner HAHA keep up the good work mama ash!