10 February 2012

Safe House: and a Target rush for Nursery's Sake!

After my 7:30a.m. Samoan test, we headed off to Target in Halawa. Love Target. We bought some shoesies for Mahie's toesies. They have a better selection than Walmart. I was able to pick up a bunch of supplies that our Nursery was missing, which included: EVERYTHING! I'm enjoying my calling very much. Can't wait for Sunday, since it'll be my rotation from the Primary Presidency to be there with the Nursery leaders. Snacks, crayons, hand sanitizer, colored construction paper.....purchased with love.

It was then time for Denzel! Safe House is a total must see! I'm glad we got to do something that suited the interests of my husband, considering he has been surrounded by girls & shopping for the past two weeks. All Mahie wants to do in the theater is either stand and clap her hands, or crawl! So glad that the a.c. and darkness eventually knocks her out.
Busy day tomorrow!

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