26 February 2012

Birthday Boy Eric

We celebrated my 2nd Oldest Brother (Eric)'s 25th birthday after church. Both of my Dad's youngest sisters drove out with their kiddies from Kahaluu and Kapolei. And I finally got to meet Mr. "Fat-fat"....Kahea's little boy who was born a few months after Mahie, but who is TWICE/THRICE the size of her. Seriously he just sits there like a little stuffed animal. So cute. Everyone kept poking and squeezing him! Such a good baby because he endured it all. Even when Mahie ripped his bottle out of his month. The cutest thing was was when Kekai put his arms around Mahie for a hug, and she automatically leaned in to give him honi's, drool & all. Usually my iphone cooperates and takes some decent photo's that can be retouched later, but it just wasn't focusing tonight. At least I got some blurry shots of precious moments between cousins :)
For Eric's birthday cake, I again flipped through Our Best Bites and made the Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake on pg. 236....chocolatey deliciousness, especially the mousse in the middle. I also made the sausage-bacon wrapped appetizers with brown sugar sprinkled on top. Geeze those things take a while to prepare and bake (40min) and they were consumed in less than a minute. 
Some of my left over O.B.B. jam filled sugar cookies made from the night before. They look sooo pretty! Tonight was fun. It's always entertaining when my Dad's sisters come over & give the low down on the family and just the way they talk story, hilarious. There was tons of food and I'm stuffed. 

I don't like that it's Monday tomorrow, since I've felt like I was on a short break since Thursday, although I had a midterm. Tomorrow starts the second block of my jogging class (boo!), why did I sign up for BOTH blocks!!! I'm only saying this because this class has made me realize I can't/dislike running in numbers. When I run in my class, I feel like I need to keep up with the fast runners or perform extremely well. I find myself concentrating so much on everyone around me, than my own self. Plus, it's been so flippin' cold and windy lately, I catch sinus headaches so quickly! Will I wake up tomorrow?? lol. I also have a Samoan presentation to give, and I haven't memorized it. I think last semester 'Senioritis' has truly taken over. I just want to grad and start whatever's new in my future. Likewise with James...we are ready to face the NEW OUT THERE!

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  1. ANNNDDD your almost there for graduation!!! whoop whoop!! and I hate running next to people or in groups. I feel awkward and like I'm on display especially when I wanna walk but every1 else is sprinting for their lives lol