08 February 2012

The Vow: Our 1st Premiere Going Experience

So tonight I got to hug Channing Tatum, snap a few pics and he told me he was glad that I came to his premiere! lol, I WISH! Anyways, he's still ranked lower than Johnny Depp & Paul Walker....AND OF COURSE my husband! So it was ok that I got just a poster souvenir of him, haha.  (that an old lady handed me) I facebook-ed that my coolest boss ever, Larie, gave me a voucher to redeem two free tickets to The Vow premiere. She had mentioned that I needed to go early since the tickets were first come, first serve, and that they may pass out more vouchers. I invited my sister-in-law Crystal and we got there around 3:30pm (7:30pm showing) in hope of finding another voucher for Missy (Crystal's friend). There was no one, no line, even the movie workers hardly knew anything about the premiere....we were like, is this movie even good? lol. We decided to kill time at Alamoana: Victoria's Secret & Sephora. We returned back at 5:00 and there was a line! They had four sectioned off, and we were able to make it into the middle of the second line. 
We learned that no additional vouchers were to be handed out, and that you could only be invited to come (not able to buy a ticket at the window). So as we decided to just pack up and leave, I guess all the old ladies surrounding us heard our sad story and BOOM! 5 hands extended towards us offering free vouchers. These older women, were not only the majority of the movie goers or first ones in line....but called themselves Premier Regulars. They are always sent premiere vouchers to different movies, and so they print the voucher, take it to kinko's and make about 50 copies for all their friends & family lol. No seriously, one lady unzipped her bag and showed us her stash. They broke it down to us about when they come (4-ish), what they pack (camping chairs, cards, blanket), and what to eat/sneek in. I asked, "Don't they do bag checks?" And one Grandma was like , "They TRY take my Panda's from me, this is my lunch tomorrow!" They know their stuff, and told us what to expect tonight....and now that I think about it, everything they said DID happen. An hour before the showing, the movie staff came out and started collecting vouchers/handing out tickets. The tickets ran out by the beginning of the 3rd line, we were so lucky. So many people, especially girls, were bummed out. I called Kiana to join us, since we had an extra ticket and she made it right when we were walking in. We got in line at 4, they handed out tickets at 6, and let us in at 7pm.
It was pretty cool since they had a radio vj inside giving away prizes, and they had some cute little gifts in the cup holders. We brought some Panda's in, and the lady was right, they didn't do any bag searches. However, they did freak us out on how serious they were about NO RECORDING. Everyone had to turn off their cell phones, and if we even brought them out to check a text message or whatever, we'd get kicked out. No lie, they had security men in suits walking around with nigh tvision goggles, it was pretty crazy lol. So the movie review? I give it a 4 out of 5. Everything was perfect, even Channing's acting skills....until the ending just blacked out, eh. You already know it's a happy ending, BUT STILL! Anyways, I never knew it was based on a true story. Very sad & cute. Now you know to never make out in your car....AT A RED LIGHT, WITH NO SEAT BELT ON! 1) if you're single CURFEW or 2) If you're married, save it for your bedroom!!
We went to Dave&Buster's after to unwind, but more for dessert. It was seriously a true chick flick night. Plus it was fun to hang out with my Husband's sister and my brother's girlfriend....they are hilarious! Will I ever go to another early premiere? Maybe not, lol, I hate lines....

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