09 February 2012

Japan Nom! Nom!

Loooooooong sleep-in = Recovery Thursday. When we all finally escaped our drowsy state, I went to work & everyone else mingled around doing their own thing. And while at work in my little cubicle of non-stop phone calls and mouse clicking....appeared tiny little boxes, and boxes of sweetly wrapped chocolates from Japan. I didn't want to ruin the packaging! Some of the bosses in Marketing when on a business trip and brought us back tons of goodies. Just what I needed! A sugar rush to boost my mood, energy and extreme love for chocolate. My favorite were the chocolate covered almonds.

And then I came home to be with my Mahie. Who, by the way, is standing all by herself....and she doesn't know what to do with it, haha. She is becoming a wild one. I love that when she hears a beat, she sits up and starts to rock back and forth on her bottom. It's soooo funny & cute...her head bounces along too, I need to record her sometime. 

Mommy's home, on Thursdays we're out laying on the soft cool grass, kicking our legs into the twirling breeze and pointing up to the fluffy clouds above.

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