19 February 2012

sleepover in kalihi

Sunday dinner tonight, all of my siblings drove out, including a surprise from my Aunty Ulu and cousins, for my birthday dinner. It's been a tradition in our family to celebrate a sibling's birthday the following Sunday. Afterwards, we packed up and headed to Isaac and Kiana's house in Kalihi to sleepover. They have such a comfy home right next to Kamehameha Schools, overlooking everything out to the airport and sea. I love sitting out on their patio at night and watching the planes come in and out. A nice breeze also sweeps through the windows and makes you cuddle up under your blanket. Love it. James stayed home though, since he's been sick for almost a week and is slowly recovering from a major heat rash....we all stayed up watching "My Strange Addiction" & planning our next day. Now everyone will know how many times Mahie will randomly wake up crying when her pacifier falls out, or because she's too hot. And Hill will know how such a "Bed Bully" Mahie is rolling all over the place. Good night, sleep tight.......GO TO BED ALREADY MAHIE!!! :)

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