14 February 2012

Twenty Three

Today is my twenty third birthday. James made sour full house of girls pancakes from scratch! And then, off to shopping land he drove me. But after all the price tags, birthday wishes, and valentine's day glam, the number twenty three is still on my mind. Not that I feel like an old lady, I get annoyed when people are like, "OMG I'm getting close to 30!"....it's just that twenty three, was just like twenty two....a random age of......of what? lol.

So twenty three...

Well, I met James when he was twenty three and I was 18. 
18 years-old Ashlyn would not have expected life to have happened this way, haha. Hmm...back then I told myself as soon as I graduate from high school, I'M OUT OF HERE (Laie)...not getting married until I traveled the world, went on a mission and worked at some high power business office or magazine. Children? Back then they grossed me out, they just seemed soo sticky! lol. Then I guess, once I made my millions or finished a Master's degree, I'd find myself a hawaiian guy and THINK about settling down somewhere on the mainland.

Fast-forward to NOW, I'm married to a wonderful SAMOAN husband from New Zealand and have a very energetic 9-month old baby girl. Who get's sticky ALL THE TIME, lol. I was dragged BACK to Laie by a marriage proposal by a guy with a hot accent (James) and muscular body!!! I'm in my last semester at BYU-Hawaii and undergoing an internship at the Polynesian Cultural Center's Sales and Marketing Department. I traveled to a lot of places I once dreamed of going to, and ones I've never thought I'd ever consider (Samoa, lol). No mission, but various missionary-like experiences. And even though I'm a M-O-M, I still love my Aaliyah, Beyonce, Mariah, Ciara, Rihanna....and I still dance around my house like I'm in high school, and booty-popping in front of Mahie...haha jk, but not really.  And yes I go out with my friends, STILL WEARING MY KAMAKE'S! lol. I LOVE my husband and still get so excited and giddy when I see him. He smells the same since 23, and even his kisses taste the same. (Don't care if you're uncomfortable) At twenty three, I'm not a size 5 like I was at 18, far from it. I get stressed out a lot. I still battle random pimples. No gray hairs yet, thank goodness. I still suck at math. I have a driver's license but my husband drives me everywhere. I'm brave and have more self-confidence than I ever had and wish I had spoken up more to crappy adults or bullies in high school. I know more of who I am, who I'm not, what I like, what I want....and especially what matters to me the most.

I'm twenty three, what the heck....time to eat some liliha bakery cocoa puffs ;)
Wish me happy birthday!


  1. yay happy birthday! you're the only person i know with a valetines bday, totally remember since high school mr forrest (your dads) class to this day LOL so crazy to see how things change throughout the years and how god works to help us see whats more important. hope you had a great day, enjoy those cocoa puffs for me! love this post, love you lots!

  2. Hi! You commented on my moving blog, and didn't leave your e-mail... so I'm writing you back here :) The nightstand and rug are already spoken for. The glider and ottoman come as a set, and they are still available if you want them in April! Send me an e-mail and let me know!

  3. bahaha this is why i love my Ashlyn!! your probably one of the few friends I have that have a baby and you still have a sense of your own self too! You have your goals, your life, and your interests AND you still have your family life and wifey duties you take care of :) Happy 23rd birthday :) and no your not a size 5, but your legs and arms are STILL skinnier than mine and that's even after you've had Mahie!

  4. this makes me want cocoa puffs! lets go get some soon!