03 February 2012

Oh, FishEye Friday!

Friday felt like boom, boom, boom, BOOM! one thing after another, after another! My sister-in-law Crystal and her best friend Missy flew in from Australia for holiday. We stayed up pretty late talking story the night before, and of course, I woke up 5 minutes before my 7:30a.m. Samoan class. Good thing its just a one-minute sprint down the sidewalk to the School of Ed. building. Then during class my boss calls and I end up one-minute sprinting back to my TVA apartment to change and rush to work. I was pretty impressed with my "grab-whatevers-close-to-me-and-hopefully-it-looks-professional" outfit. That friday morning we had three schools scheduled for our Polynesian Explorer Junior Guide Program, that allows schools to come in early before PCC opens and go to the village presentations. I was sort of nervous (and half awake) since it was my first time by myself overseeing that the schools came on time, etc. Thankfully it went well and I got to meet some of the teachers I had been in contact with over the phone and by email. I recently downloaded a fish-eye app, so as I walked around watching the children enjoying their activities, I snapped a couple memories:
When I got home, Crystal heard there was a surf competition at Pipeline. Our afternoon was free, so we  packed up Mahie & forced James to be our driver. We stopped at Ted's to order some grinds. And just a side note, it's so annoying when people think you're a tourist JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T dress like a beach bum! Just because your hat says Billabong, your tank RVCA, and your watch Nixon and sand on your barefeet....ugh, don't mean I, "THEE Local & HAAAAWAIIAN" gotta look like you! So get the hell out of the way and go shower! :) Bytheway, I say "hell" a lot because I married a Kiwi and its normal to say HELL, HELL, HELL in New Zealand. Anyways, Ted's you still make the best pies...so we drove over and Auweh! No more surf contest, lol. I was like, hello the person that said there was a competition doesn't even go beach! why did we listen to her! lol. Well we did enjoy 'Ehukai. I forgot how beautiful it was since I never make an effort to come out this way. Mahie loved crawling in the sand, and the lifeguards allowed us to climb on top of all their rescue stuff to take silly pictures. James just sat in the shade & played bejeweled lol.
....we didn't even go swimming, but we all knocked out for a couple of hours after. Poor James went straight to work (love you!) and the rest of us girls got our beauty nap on. However, it was just what we needed to regenerate our energy for our Ladies Night! I'm so blessed to be in a marriage where my Husband lets me enjoy nights out with friends. But I think he felt a little MORE comfortable since his own sister was with me, haha, AND I TOOK ADVANTAGE OF IT :) Off to Waikiki we left, just a bunch of us planning some fun: 1st stop Cheesecake, where we each devoured what our hearts desired and promised to go running the next day, lol. It was so fun talking & laughing. I love all of my Sister-in-Laws, especially Crystal since she was the first I met when James and I dated, and she's closer to my age and we therefore share/know of the same friends. We then walked around shops down the strip, stopped at the ATM and then hit up The Shack, as an early birthday night out for Crys. Too bad there were no bands playing that night. Yes, this Mommy went out and boogied!(Do I smell HATERS?) We had fun! I think Crys broke a few drunken hearts that night, haha, especially with her gorgeous hair-do and outfit. 
I came home, snuggled next to my husband and fell asleep(full face of makeup) telling him what we ended up doing in Waikiki. No one can understand the relationship James and I share, I love him! What an eventful UNPLANNED Friday.

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Too bad about the surf comp. I think it ended on wed or thurs lol. I hate it when people think i'm a tourist. Frack! Do i need to pull my hair out and go all native on your az. haha. AND I say hell a lot too. just not in front of my mom and thankfully she doesn't read my blog. You go hot mama! Get your boogie on. p.s. we are starting to look for a place to rent in melbourne. I hope you end up moving there too if you do move to aus. :)