23 February 2012

Thrifty Finds

The girl's of the family had one thing DEFINITELY planned for this past President's Day holiday: thrift stores! We left early, but the store we arrived at was packed! And then we realized that EVERYTHING was 50%! No wonder. The checkout line wrapped around the aisles, but thank goodness it went by pretty quickly. We each found a TON of stuff ranging from, wooden Easter decorations, accessories and awesome clothing. I got my hands on a variety of blouses for work and colorful prints for casual wear like the top above. Looking at larger sizes doesn't scare me...I feel that some outfits look good loose/baggy, or cinched with a belt, OR WHEN I'M PREGNANT in those last stages of hugeness! Yes I think ahead now :)
Whenever we go thrifting, I make my first stop in the accessories section. So many earrings are coming back in style or are very unique. Plus they're all individually bagged. Kiana got me hooked on this obsession after seeing her huge collection of thrift store earrings. Gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. It's funny because usually you'd CRINGE at purchasing earrings that someone gross could've worn, BUT with the proper cleaning & disinfecting, you'll be rocking them with confidence in front of your jealous girlfriends in no time. 

Thrift store finds I put together for work this week. Who knew I'd own "Designer Wear" for a mere two bucks. I'm a ballah on a budget!

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  1. OMG I am a jealous girlfriend looking @ all the treasures u found at the thrift store! I went to Goodwill in Pearl City on President's Day and I nearly got knocked over by pushy shoppers so I left frustrated lol. I am DEFINITEY going to head over to the savers by kahala cuz guarantee they get good stuff there. i LOVE yo' ballah on a budget!