13 February 2012

Monday Celebration

To kick off this week, and you know it's gonna be a good one when AWESOME NEWS finds its way to you....Lanea visited me at work. AND....she passed her 6 weeks of unpaid training and ALL of her safety exams. She's a certified Flight Attendant for Hawaiian Airlines, how exciting. I know she must feel so accomplished, because I know she had to endure a lot and undergo tons of hard-work + studying. 
Yay, you'll be traveling the world and getting to experience so many new things. I'm so happy for you. You truly deserve this exciting chapter in your life. Heavenly Father is blessing your faith and endurance. Don't forget to pray! Thank you for coming over to my gray little cubicle and continuing our little visit at my house....oh and letting Mahie stick her hands in your mouth. She loves you & I do too.......woohoo Hawaiian Air!

Like I said, you better invite me to your wedding if you ever meet a rich guy in first class! Get it Girl!

p.s. 23 years in one hour!

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  1. I LOVE YOU! And moreso I'm so incredibly grateful to have u as a close friend. More importantly u r such a strong example to me regarding spiritual things :) thank goodness u always put things in a spiritual perspective. I hope I can be a Hott mama like u when I have kids......or I hope my kids look like Mahie and not monkeys :)