02 October 2011

we are thankful for sunday

We are thankful for Conference

We are thankful for our Prophet

We are thankful for the Gospel and being sealed for Eternity

We are thankful that it is October

We are thankful for Sunday Paper Coupons

we had a nice, quiet and relaxing sunday...with a lot of naps spread out here and there. it's barely 9pm, but we already need to get ready for monday morning, so good night and keep the testimonies shared today close to your hearts.


  1. General conference was SO great :). Sorry to hear about your accident! Lots of Yikes right there. Glad you were safe.

  2. hahaha I am thankful for Sunday paper coupons because I can pretend that I'm an extreme couponer when I go to Wal Greens. When I get re-married, I'm going to make my family just like yours :) Because you always inspire me to be better!