15 October 2011

Pumpkins & Canoes

Who knew Hawaii had a pumpkin patch?

Last month my Dad mentioned that we should take Mahie to the pumpkin patch in Ewa. So my Mom, Mahie and I left Laie early, picked up my brother Isaac in Kalihi and headed to the HOT west side. There were tons of people. For a second it almost seemed like Utah...a quick second.
So basically we stayed there....BARELY 20 minutes top. 
It was not fun, at all. haha
1. well, it's Ewa = HOT
where you walked, ate, searched for pumpkins was right next to cars driving in and out. You were miserable if you didn't wear sunglasses. And Mahie was NOT wanting to sit in her stroller. Hence, look at her squinting above LOL
3. BUMPY-ness
No patted down areas to walk/push strollers...and people were tripping lol
4. Pumpkin let-down
The pumpkins were expensive AND the majority of them were already rotting from the sun.
My Mom was like, "Usually you're suppose to be bundled up & sipping on hot cider/cocoa...um, NOT getting roasted by the sun and getting dirt blown in your face." hahaha. Even the cars were having a hard time driving through the area. Seriously we were covered with a layer of red dirt. My brother took off his glasses & cap, and you could see the outline, LOL.

However, we did make use of our $1 per person admission with pictures:
You can never have enough right?
And since we each couldn't return to our homes empty handed...
Walmart's READY-TO-GO Pumpkin Patch saved us

Later that night, Hillary, Kiana and I rode the Haunted Lagoon. The line was crazy, so we hung out at my parent's waiting for my friend Amanda (who does the photo sales as you exit) to let us know when the line died down. 
We were literally the last people in line on the last canoe, with 3 hilarious drunk ladies. Yes, they made Haunted Lagoon enjoyable. We sat right behind them & they cracked us up the entire ride. They probably almost lost their minds that night from all those clowns & monsters jumping at them. I've never laughed so hard, especially since we'd crack up at them...and then scream right after at something popping out of the water at us.
My co-worker Mariah came with us and she got so scared at one point, she knocked herself and me backwards while also pushing our entire row to the right. If that makes sense. Cracking up for days. Our Canoe was totally confused at one of the supposedly "scary monsters" in the Maori Village....one person goes, "Aye is that a mahu?" We were all dying of laughter.
What a very eventful day :)


  1. I was thinking about going to the pumpkin patch but after hearing your review of it... I think not. I hope I can make it to the haunted lagoon. It sounds like fun!

  2. A pumpkin patch in Hawaii....no way! I love Halloween! How fun!