06 October 2011

Credits & Savings

i WAS so excited to post some exciting coupon saving news...but, as always, someone who probably wasn't trained well at the registrars department messed up on my school transcript. Last week I turned in my graduation application for april 2012. anyways i got a letter back from the registrars office today saying my application is in the process of being evaluated and that the enclosed letter was a copy of completed and TO BE completed general education requirements. However, all i see is "not completed" typed everywhere. For instance it says I took BOM 2 but not BOM 1, lol what the heck? I took that class my first fall semester of college at BYU-Provo, I totally loved that Professor. Also that my Communications Theory requirement was not completed either. Huh??? If I recall, that was my most DREADFUL class ever with Bro. Compton. Especially since it's all theory, so I never knew what was going on, but he'd always toss out a pen on the floor...who it landed on, had to speak....hey registrars office, I was the victim of Compton's pen twice, that's evidence that I took that class. Seriously, I think BYUH has the most employees that either 1) Don't know what they're doing so they send you to someone else or 2) Don't know what they're doing so they mess up your transcripts/credits. So then I logged on to my student account online and see that ALL of my classes from Provo were transferred and ACCEPTED. Seriously? Oh, not to mention that my Counselor JUST pointed out that I was one credit short on my planned classes for Winter semester, for being full-time & graduating. I stared at her in unbelief since I had already asked her about this prior to my recent final map appointment and she said I was fine. KILLING ME...

On a positive note, Foodland was having a sale on Tide for $1.99
Maika'i Rewards + Manufacturer Coupons = no dirty laundry for QUITE A WHILE
The sale ends on the 11th guys, unfortunately Laie Foodland's shelf was literally cleared...those 'Krazy' Coupon Laie Mormons (haha).....but a quick 15-20min drive to Pupukea has a supply that's being totally ignored. Like I was the only one silently jumping for joy.....and they have a variety to choose from, unlike Laie. I enjoy the Tide w/Downy :) I showed James my receipt and now he wants me to head back for more. Thanks to my inspired 'Krazy-Coupon' Friends: Lauren Te'o, Falon Meredith & Marisa Takau :)
pssst.......good deal on diapers at Safeway

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  1. You know whats funny?! I totally went to pupukea to go and buy the TIDE detergent too!! lol I ended up using 2 of my coupons to buy 2 different bottles because La'ie was fully sold out! Lol, so please post more of your coupon saving strategies because I'm addicted to extreme couponing on TLC!

    OH!! Omg, I just turned in my graduation papers to walk this December, and after getting everything approved from my advisor, they told me, I didn't have enough credits to graduate and that I have to stay another year WTF?! I opened my laptop to show them I completed it only to get a "Well, I'l have to ask my supervisor because I'm not sure" EEEHHHH BYUH administration sucks! Espcially when financial aid "forgets" to process your refund checks or "the guy who processes all the refunds is currently sick or vacation" SOOO let me know what classes you are taking next semester since I only have 1 required class then I'm pau!