21 October 2011


This past Monday I found out I was hired for an internship and a PAID one I might add. I was so excited and beyond happy since I had been searching, calling, emailing, resume-ing for internship opportunities like crazy. Plus it's a huge and nice change from Photo Poly and dancing, and an opportunity to lead me towards my career interest......AND....drum roll, I don't have to leave Laie at all.
So I've experienced my first day on the job.
"Marketing Research Assistant" Intern for the PCC Marketing Department. 
Honestly, I'm exhausted, can't wait for a shower, and my feet are throbbing. The promotion of the month obviously, is Haunted Lagoon and I was everywhere: setting up for special groups coming in (purchasing drinks, grabbing tables/chairs, changing areas), hosted them throughout the night, made friends and made about a million phone calls.
Here's a clip of the first group called "Boogie Down"

The second was a group of winners from a radio call-in contest that Shannon Scott held on KCCN FM 100. So he brought all the winners to dinner at PCC and then they all rode the Haunted Lagoon together. It was funny because he had secretly planned to get pulled into the lagoon by the "Laie Lady" and then be apart of the monsters to scare the canoe of winners. The interns had to ride with them to make sure everything played out and it was hilarious. The people thought they were going to get pulled in too and Shannon Scott's own FM 100 crew totally freaked out.
It was also funny since I was 'working' and not on the ride to enjoy it as a regular rider....and I tried my best NOT to scream or get scared, LOL. I'm very jumpy so I couldn't conceal my 'fraidy-cat' weakness.
 All in all, my night was hectic, awkward and fun, lol. I say awkward because I need to learn and remember about a thousand names, faces, places and procedures ASAP. I'm also the "New Face", so I kept getting stopped at certain areas and scolded until I explained that I was "with Marketing, etc., my boss is..." and then they'd let me through. 
Three things made me hesitant to go along with being hired. 
1. Pay rate isn't as good as my other job
2. PHYSICALLY busy (while at my other job everything was effortless and I was getting paid REALLY good)
3. Work Schedule is crazy. If I'm not in class, I'll be at the office plus I need to be flexible when things pop up out of nowhere (I already miss my baby & I fear the h.w. load)
However it's one of those decisions that pay off in the long run....as in helping my resume & future career goals. Cause YES Mommy's have Career Goals too. Plus it's rare to find a PAID internship that's close to home, with cool bosses and lets me get college credit for my Communications Major. One less class to take in Winter.
Definition of Internship= busting your okole off

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  1. hahaha I like your "YES Mommy's have career goals too." lol. IM GLAD U HAD AN EXHAUSTING FIRST DAY! Even if it doesn't pay as well, there are so many fun opportunities that you'll get to do and see first hand and WONT have to pay (like all of the holiday events, etc., etc.,.) Your gonna have so much fun!!