27 October 2011


I can't believe I finished a 12-paged paper in one day. Thank goodness it was James' day off because I was planted down on our bed, laptop on my stomach, typing until was D.O.N.E. And I'm so glad I got it turned in around 4pm (Its due at midnight)

Around 5:30 Mama Bee & Baby Bee headed off to Grandma Bee's "Table"-Or-Treat ward party. I say table because it's been pouring like crazy the past few days. So instead of canceling, the party was just moved indoors on spread out tables. My Mom went all out and brought her yard blow-ups. She won best booth, hahaha, a free desssert at Angel's. 
Hill and I walked around with Mahie to join in with the Halloween fun and also to collect some candy since our booth was running low, haha. We were surprised that Mahie held on to her little jack-o-lantern pail :)
Daddy was able to join us at the end :)

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