19 October 2011

Pumpkin Pet

We have a little pet that has finally made an appearance on our doorstep. Totally ideal for TVA & budget-student living. He lives outside, stays in one spot, doesn't require any food, makes no noise....and scares naughty children away, haha.
Last year James and I bought a pumpkin but didn't do anything with it. We eventually gave it to my Mom right before the Halloween weekend. This year, I was determined to revive our childhood pumpkin carving skills. And by this I mean JAMES as Mr. Carver. So when he showed me a draft of his jack-o-lantern, I told him it wasn't at all family friendly for those passing by our apartment. Doesn't it look evil? However, I get pretty annoyed when I hear children trying to get at Mahie's stroller outside (even when they're accompanied by an adult, ugh)......and our evil pumpkin pet has actually proven to scare those annoying youngsters away. Ok, this makes me sound like I hate kids, hahaha, but TVA Life teaches you to be cautious of anything left RIGHT OUTSIDE of your door, seriously.
We still need to light him up. His stump broke off from rolling around in our trunk for an entire day.
Come check out our pet, he doesn't bite :)


  1. Haha. Pet, doorman, scarecrow...and poor thing rolling around in the trunk all day. Haha.

  2. Cool!! it looks like Jack from nightmare before christmas!