22 October 2011


Today was a day that kept going and going.
My Mom and I literally finished Mahie's costume for her photo shoot this morning. (Yes I was doing the last minute thing & recruited my Mom to help) I also can't believe her bumble bee costume is pau and I made a legit tutu, haha. I tried to snatch a quick photo before she began to shred her tutu apart lol.
She doesn't like to wear anything on her head, so this is where that full head of hair came in handy. I found two yellow scrunchies and made pigtails as her bee antenna's. I tried to color dots on her checks, nope wasn't having it. Baby's are on their own agenda...that's what frustrates us Mother's the most, right? haha. But still we make them sweat it out to look and take cute photo's for memories sake :) Thanks LeeYen for letting us be a part of raising funds for children in need, even though there was a grouchy bumble bee, haha.
Work tonight was FUN. There were the same run-arounds, but the group tonight I helped to host was "Hype"........awesome, hilarious, I instantly made friends with like ALL of them. They are not only so talented, but very down to earth. 
Seriously, they are their own family and very supportive of each other. I didn't know that they are considered the best of the best. They've been featured on America's Best Dance Crew, on MTV,  and they've won all the Hawaii competitions consecutively and in L.A (they even have a member of the Jabbawokeez helping them out that night, top right w/hat, bottle & shaka.....one member explained it to me like this, "Ok girl, it's like this....we're like Kahuku where everyone hates on us....and everyone ELSE is like Kaimuki or Moanalua (I have a blank face, so he goes....).....EXACTLY! They have a football team?? Who the hell are they???" hahaha, hilarious.
I made great friends. "Tuli" who helped coordinate a.k.a yell at everyone, "Gee" the hot stuff on the wall posing. He's one of their top choreographers/instructors. "Jojo"with the pink straps on my left, were some of the names I remembered. 

"Hello Salem, my name is Winifred, what's yours?"
p.s. Yay All Blacks for winning against France and taking the RWC 2011, James is satisfied & ready for bed :)


  1. OMG I'm jealous! That sounds like so much fun!! See I told you, your gonna love this job!!

  2. She is SO cute! I LOVE HER OUTFIT!! You are so crafty!!

  3. That's what I'm making for all my nieces for christmas! Did you use a tutorial? Love her outfit though! Shayde is going to be a panda for Halloween. And Congrats on your new job!!