12 October 2011

World Traveler

Mr. Postman dropped off something special:
Mahie's passport came in. 
So quickly too. It seemed like we had just submitted it to the Hau'ula post office 2 weeks ago. Isn't her picture adorable. Our friend Puni hooked us up with her head shots. For some reason, Mahie will smile and laugh, until she sees a camera...and then she just stares. This girl will be making full use of this little booklet, since we plan to visit family in NZ, Australia & Samoa whenever our wallets allow us :)

Anyone in need of a good laugh?
What fun would it be without including passport shots of Pre-Mommy & Pre-Daddy:
Yes, I look drugged. I was smiling but then the photographer said "No Smiling" and snapped it without giving me time....hence my weird mouth. I was 19 & preparing to go on a BYU Living Legends dance tour in Argentina & Paraguay. James had also taken me home to NZ that Christmas to meet his family.

Look how YOUNG James is, teenager days, haha, nice his 90's necklace

Passports [check]
Tickets to Samoa [check]

Here we come Christmas in Pesega :)
p.s. Congratulations to the Joyce's (Jame's older sister) on having their 5th baby, a little boy "Wilhelm".


  1. AAHHHHH world traveling family!

  2. I remember you taking your passport picture! and you came home saying what the photographer was telling you to do, lol

  3. Mahie's is so cute!! And I hate how they tell you not to smile. It makes everyone look like a criminal.


    Ps- I wouldnt recommend my recipe for pumpkin choc chip cookies. I've had better. I just need to figure out how to make them.

  4. omg, that trip seems like it was only like a year ago. craaaaazy!!

  5. p.s. i love reading all ur blog posts!! i can totally hear your voice in my head when i read ur blog. luv it!