07 October 2011

lunch date ramble

every girl needs a lunch date with THEIR GIRLS
Mahie was with Grandma, James was still at Bobby Benson and I was sitting bored in class when my friends texted me saying they were at Subway waiting. 
And we talked, and talked, and talked
Time quietly slips by very quickly when you're with good company
We have some great inside jokes: "banana peeling", "ITCHY", we were cracking up and getting our subway sandwiches everywhere. Women truly do find comfort in each other. I really didn't want to leave to work. Although I was dead tired, I still made it through my 4-11:15pm shift.
Thanks Nea & Chelly, I needed that.

James has been working very hard at his jobs. Still though, I haven't surrendered to him being the only financial provider. I love working and earning money. In January I will be starting an internship with Defend Hawaii. However, I'm still finding other offers for Public Relations experience. I admire women who stay at home, especially since my mother put aside her educational goals for our needs. However, I'm glad that I have a husband and family who support me working. I've always been a multi-tasker & busy bee. My parents have even encouraged me to take advantage of family living so close to watch Mahie while I work. Sometimes I feel like they want me to work just so that they can be with baby more, haha. James understands me perfectly. He trusts me enough to let me exercise my own agency and lets me know that I can work/or not work. He doesn't make me feel confined to socially constructive roles of a wife, that many couples struggle with. We BOTH SHARE the load of everything: dishes, taking trash out, diaper changes, bottle making, baby bathing, washing laundry, folding laundry, cooking, etc. We are FAR from perfect, very very far. Everyday is a lesson on patience, because we BOTH can be so hard-head, seriously.
This post was definitely an endless ramble.....tomorrow starts early!

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  1. hahaha That was a MUCH needed lunch date for me! And I still LOVE that your hard working hott mama! You and Mean girl in her rainbow workout tights lol. Seriously, when I have a baby I know I'm gonna still want to work and be a busy bee too!!

    ......lol: because we're the best "banana peelers" hahahaha