05 October 2011

Our Day by Iphone

our Aspinall Jack-o-Lantern went up today, officially declaring to all (that pass L-Building), that it's the month of Halloween. "This is Halloween, This is Halloween" (-what movie??)
As I brought it down from storage, James couldn't believe we bought this a year ago. (It's actually a doormat) Oh Newlywed Days with barely anything in our apartment....and now we have TOO many things cluttered everywhere.


Baby's as Skeletons
it's a boy's hoodie at Target, but we both thought it was cool & cute, plus something to pass down to future siblings (and that isN'T a near future)

Mommy's as Pirates
my new schedule is working only MWF(Sat) 7pm-11pm, or until Haunted Lagoon ends. Some people are like, "What about your baby? Aren't you tired?" Honestly, ppl need to stop worrying about Mahie bc I'm already doing it 24/7. Plus it allows me to spend more with her, not having to go in to work EVERYday like before since I get paid at a higher rate for H.L. shifts, & when I'm clocking in James is clocking out. So Mahie gets a little Parent exchange. I like working these hours. It's either just me working alone in the photo office, or with only a few fun workers at sales. Nice paychecks rollin' my way (btw we got a check for $750 for that lady rear-ending me)
i looked in the mirror and told james I look half hippie/half esmerelda, with a little resemblance to "Rufio" from Peter Pan with my one gold hoop & one orangey-brown feather earring. After cutting up my shirt, i realized "Convict".

Daddy's with Funny Wigs 
As you can tell, its quality matches it's cheap $8 price. We were browsing through the Halloween aisles at Target & I saw a picture of a "Flapper Wig"......hmm this needs a blow dryer & hairspray. The model alone is cute though :)

Tourists with COOLer Wigs
I snapped this photo during my sales shift tonight at H.L. Japanese tourists are so rich, nuff said.
Baby's in Coffin's like Vampires
Kidding, i got some new boots & laid Mahie inside since the box was long....I guess not long enough. Our daughter is gonna be a long-legged beauty. 

bonne nuit <3

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